Cassandra Narburgh endured a long life of pain.  On Aug 23, 2018, that pain stopped.  We remember her, with laughter and tears, and are glad that she has finally found some respite from the struggles she had to endure day after day.

This site is dedicated to her memory, and to spreading the message she left for the world at the end.

2 thoughts on “June 5, 1973 – Aug 23, 2018

  1. Dear Dan,
    We are so appreciative for all the love & diligence you gave to our niece Cass through all her struggles. It is so tragic that she had to endure so much without anyone in the medical world paying attention, We hope that all her words & journey she made public will not go unheeded by the medical community. We will miss her beyond words as we have so many wonderful memories of a loving & caring niece through out her life. You gave her so much & we just wanted to let you know how we feel.
    Sadly & sincerely Uncle Bill & Aunt Judi (Sharon’s sister)

  2. This beautiful human being’s death was not a suicide or mercy death. It was a murder. And those responsible will look you straight in the eyes, a smile on their faces, and tell you her “mental illness” took her life, not their medications. Oh, I showed the page to my doctor. I show a lot of things to him. He smiles tolerantly, then writes in my chart: “She sure is mad.” Oh, you haven’t seen mad. But you will.

    There is no “Meant to be.” It was not “her time.” She was taken from you and the world against her, and our, wills. And what remains of her murderer is the sickening medical golem made for greed, eating the souls of people whose only crime was trusting their doctors. I am not anti-doctor, not anti-medication. I am pro-transparency. We ought to have all the facts before we ingest something into our bodies. And many doctors either do not have all the facts, will not admit they don’t, or, God help them, they know exactly what they’re doing. In any or all cases, the onus is on them to learn about these medications and actually help their patients. It was not “her time.”

    I want to impart my deepest, most profound sympathies to you and your family. The loss of Cass was not just a personal loss–although that remains, and always will remain the most horrific loss to you all, because you knew and loved her–but I posit that her loss has left an unfillable hole in this world and that is not just a crime against her, you and your family, but against humanity itself.

    Cass’s attempt to fill that hole here is more than a message and service to humanity. It is a requiem for a nightmare, one that I fear will be sung, over and over, until something in the corrupt system changes. My hope is this page reaches far and wide, and her loss will be the beginning of change, despite the horrific and unimaginable ending of a singular life that shines, still, so bright. Peace to you, and as another victim of this horrific “healthcare ” system wrote and said: “I wish you way more than luck.”


    J.A. Carter-Winward

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