We have created a Facebook group called Bad Benzos in order to facilitate discussion and sharing.  You can find that at https://www.facebook.com/groups/badbenzos/

Please feel free to join and find a community of peers who might be experiencing something like what you are.

2 thoughts on “Facebook Group

  1. I wanted to extend sympathy to Cass’ Mom, family and friends. I worked with Cass for a short time one summer and she and I grew up near one another, but I didn’t know her well.
    She had a lot that she wanted to say and I have read all of it. I found myself praying that she is free and restored…All these little “mini-prayers” or wishes for her as I was reading her words. I am so sorry she went through so much. She wants to be heard, I feel like she clearly had to overcome a great deal of suffering to put together the information and thoughts, so, the least I could do was read it and hear her. I still see her Mom occasionally, so she is on my mind and I find myself so sad for her. I don’t really know the family well, but our families have lived close to each other for many years (in a sparsely populated place everyone knows everyone), and I just want all of her loved ones to know that we have heard her, her message will be far reaching and that people you wouldn’t even think of are sending caring,compassionate prayers and healing thoughts for Cass and all who are grieving. Ultimately all people want to be heard and all people want to be understood. God bless Cass for taking the time to make sure we hear her and I hope she knows she has helped many to understand. She did not have to do that, and her efforts make me understand that she cared deeply for others. I send my prayers and thoughts to the Heaves on behalf of her loved ones at this difficult time.

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