Cass tried for ten years to manage endometriosis, and then her later diagnosis of bipolar.  She followed all of the advice she was given, even as sometimes she hated it and felt it was misguided.  After years of doing what she was told she weaned herself from benzos, as best she could, and ended up with a severe case of Benzo Withdrawal Syndrome.  To hear her say it this was not withdrawal; it was the lasting neurological and body damage she was left with after the withdrawal was complete.

She wants you to know about it.

She left two messages as she ended her suffering by taking her own life.  One message was for her friends, the other was for the medical community and anyone else who would read it.  There is some overlap between the two, but both discuss some very important matters.

The Medical Message focuses on her experiences with the benzodiazepines that were her prescribed treatment for many years as she tried to cope with bipolar.  More specifically, she talks about what happened to her body from being on benzos, and encourages continued research and education among the medical community.

To her friends, the Friend Message is her parting note. She talks about some of the medical challenges she faced, and she talks about her frustrations with how this country approaches end-of-life situations, making a specific plea for the mercy of euthanasia, and for people to be able to die with dignity.

Share the message and join Team Cass as we become the voice she no longer has, to spread the words she has already said.

7 thoughts on “Her Messages to the World (Start Here)

  1. Please rest in peace and the Lords love and warmth surround your beautiful soul and you, sweetheart, know YOU are home. YOU are home.

  2. I lost my younger sister to this hell & at the time had NO idea what was going on…..she tried to end her life with pills but failed & ended up shooting herself on July 3, 2018. The WHY of it tortured those of us left behind & it has only recently come to light what she was coping with after having been prescribed Lorazepam for a long time…..the drug was robbing her of her humanity & killing her slow but sure. These drugs (Benzodiazepines) are legalized MURDER & there is NO real help for those want (needing) to get off of them…..the tapering is hellacious & the medical profession is inept at doing anything to assist. The only viable solution is to STOP prescribing these drugs & big pharma should be held accountable! Benzos make a person dependent, then disable them, then cause them to see suicide as the only way out of the hell they are living…..their brains are damaged & they cannot function. There are SO many suffering out there who do not have a clue that their ‘medicine’ is making them sicker & causing their brains to stop working properly. Watch the youtube videos & find the facebook groups available to get help & hopefully heal before it is too late. It could very well save your life or the life of someone you love. I wish I could turn back time to save my sister…..none of us knew benzos would cause her death.

  3. Thank you for sharing the experience of Cass. She was intelligent. And caring about people who have suffered benzo withdrawal. I’m sorry she suffered so much she had no other way for relief. I withdrawaled and I went through hell. I still feel effects 2 years later. Her story even so sad enlightened me with her knowledge. It’s wonderful that you all were so close and supportive. I appreciate you being there for her. No i didn’t know her but she found a place in my heart. Be well. Be happy. You have done much good.

  4. I too had Endo & the gaslighting that I endured from medics was harrowing. I didn’t know that Benzos had the ability to cause brain damage but was aware that they had a potential for addiction. In my opinion SSRI’s and Lyrica etc are even more dangerous drugs and they are handed out like smarties for anything from anxiety to PMS especially now as they are seen as not being addictive & Dr’s are less afraid to prescribe them rather than the Benzos as they fear sanction. Psych Dr’s are just legalized drug pushers their is chemical imbalances involved in Depression etc but they continue to perpetuate this myth to justify their drug pushing & to give them primacy over other professionals in the field.

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